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Quark Upgrade Policy Changing

We know you’re out there!

Many of our users of FormsX and/or SecureX XTreme have successfully used older versions of QuarkXPress for many productive years. At the same time, Quark has seemingly always offered very liberal upgrade policies, discounts, and promotions. They’ve offered “upgrade from any version of XPress to the latest version for one low price” for so long, we’ve come to take it for granted such promotions will always be available, and therefore what’s the rush to upgrade?

Things have changed.

Quark has announced a formal end to that policy. Effective June 30, 2013 they will no longer offer an upgrade path from versions older than version 9.

THEREFORE: If you have any desire whatsoever to ever upgrade your licenses of QuarkXPress (system compatibility, new features, better performance, etc.) then NOW is the time to do this! Digicomp does not earn anything from you taking advantage of this Quark offer – upgrade from any version of XPress to version 9 AND then get version 10 when it’s released this summer for only $349.00. From all appearances, this deal will not be seen again. Time is short – order this now! You can upgrade to version 9, and get 10 for free, from versions of QXP as old as version 3!


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