SecureX XTreme Now Supporting Direct-to-PDF Export

As times have changed and workflow has migrated to a direct-to-plate environment, a major new feature was incorporated into SecureX XTreme. Now available for both QuarkXPress 8 and QuarkXPress 9, SecureX now processes full resolution void features in conjunction with Quark’s Export Layout as PDF function. The PDF’s resolution will match the Pre-rip resolution setting for SecureX, which is set under the FormsX menu, Preferences, Screens tab.

1 To engage, simply select Export from the Quark File menu, then Layout as PDF. You may also use Quark’s contextual pop-up menu by right-clicking on a blank area of the document (without anything selected), then select Export>Layout as PDF.
Keyboard shortcuts are also available:
CTRL+Alt+P Windows
Command+Opt+P Mac

2 By default, PDF files separate into composite CMYK. To process a composite file using Spot Colors, click the Options button on the Export as PDF window.

3 Then select the Colors tab, and change the Setup to Composite CMYK and Spot, click OK and Save.

To process the PDF as separations instead, change the Mode from Composite to Separations, click OK and Save.