Digicomp proudly provides a variety of real-world solutions through our family of products and services. From forms management and production automation to document security, we serve businesses large and small: forms manufacturers, medical, government, corporate institutions and more.


Supply Chain Management

Trakd Server™ provides a cloud-hosted track-and-trace solution to the pharmaceutical, medical, and FMCG spaces. Mobile app integration with optional high security integration (patent pending) delivers features found nowhere else. Please contact us for more information.


Forms Management

FormsX Server™ provides true automated forms management to medical, government, and corporate institutions. Using standard web technolgies, FormsX Server delievers print-on-demand solutions that increase efficiency and lower costs by automating the creation, modification, approval and distribution of electronic forms stored in a central repository.
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Document Security

SecureX Server™ delivers true security to documents printed to laser or inkjet printers. Suddenly, variable data documents printed to plain paper can be reliably authenticated – eliminating the prospect for document forgery and fraud. Print locally to a network printer or route a PDF to a customer across the world – it doesn’t matter: documents generated by SecureX Server will not be forged or modified without notice.
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Production Automation

FormsX Server™ delivers powerful yet easy to use forms management to the enterprise. Combining standard web technologies with QuarkXPress simplicity, FormsX Server provides an exhaustive workflow solution for production automation.
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Consulting Services

Contact us for our unique abilities in delivering solutions involving:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Forms Automation Systems
  • Production Automation
  • Secure Document Systems
  • Track and Trace Systems

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Legacy Software

Digicomp has a long history of providing proven and reliable high-productivity forms design, document security, proprietary file conversion and web forms solutions. Our family of software products are built on QuarkXPress XTensions technology and are available for QuarkXPress for both Mac and Windows platforms. Files are completely cross-platform as well. Our flagship product, FormsX, is used by everyone from one-person forms distributorships all the way up to the majority of the largest forms manufacturers in the world.
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