Document Security

SecureX Server™ delivers true security to documents printed to laser or inkjet printers. Suddenly, variable data documents printed to plain paper can be reliably authenticated – eliminating the prospect for document forgery and fraud. Print locally to a network printer or route a PDF to a customer across the world – it doesn’t matter: documents
generated by SecureX Server will not be forged or modified without notice. With built in web services protocols like SOAP, HTTP, and XML, SecureX Server readily integrates into even the most complex of IT environments with ease. Deploys on standard Windows servers – yours or ours.

The future of on-demand document security is right here, right now.

  • Variable Data Document Security – Print On Demand
  • Exclusive Public-Key Private-Key Optical Encryption Technology
  • Authenticate using iOS or Android smartphone
  • Authenticate using inexpensive handheld lens
  • Embed up to 2 layers of information in security band
  • Able to render 50,000+ documents per hour
  • Print to any 600+ dpi laser/inkjet printer – color and b&w
  • Able to drive printers directly or route PDF
  • Web services XML, HTTP, SOAP support
  • Dynamic element generation (text, barcodes, images, etc.)
  • Automatic revision control of templates
  • Granular access control of document objects
  • Leverages power of QuarkXPress Server®
  • Enterprise scalability
  • Web based administration & reporting
  • Includes server monitoring software & notifications

SecureX Server Applications

Negotiable Documents:
  • Financial Instruments
  • Bonds
  • PDF Coupons
  • Tickets
Legal Documents:
  • Contracts
  • University Transcripts
  • Insurance Policies
  • Tax Certificates
Identification Cards:
  • Visas/Passports
  • Border Control IDs
  • Security Badges
  • Driver’s Licenses

Why SecureX Server?

For over 20 years Digicomp software has been the automation solution of choice for financial document manufacturers, banks, and governments worldwide. When the stakes are high and security requirements demand high strength protection against false origination, alteration, and copying, only Digicomp delivers. SecureX Server has been successfully deployed securing all lottery tickets in a major country – dynamic data included – as just one example use case. SecureX Server enables a quantum leap in document security for enterprise applications as well, leveraging web services technologies and currency-grade graphics patents to render PDF files printable to off-the-shelf devices with full data security.

SecureX: The Standard for Copy-Void Document Security

The SecureX XTreme™ option to FormsX provides unparalleled “void pantograph” document protection against copying. Compatible with Document Security Systems, Wicker, US Patent 5788285, Public Domain (“Big-Dot-Little-Dot”) and Digicomp Royalty Free technologies, SecureX hides words within flat screens, graduated screens or pantographs which boldly appear when photocopied or scanned (results dependent on void technology chosen).

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