Forms Management

FormsX Server™ provides true automated forms management to medical, government, and corporate institutions. Using standard web technolgies, FormsX Server delievers print-on-demand solutions that increase efficiency and lower costs by automating the creation, modification, approval and distribution of electronic forms stored in a central repository.

FormsX Server provides Web-based forms management that streamlines the process of creating and managing business forms across the enterprise. Document text can be directly modified via the browser (authorized users only), empowering department managers to easily modify the forms they are responible for, while relieving substantial work from the forms designers. FormsX Server also provides instant content-based search capbilities to allow users to easily locate forms in the repository. With the support of QuarkXPress Server, users can access the forms they need and print on demand through this Web-to-print application.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Web browser based document editing. Affect simple text changes instantly just by clicking on text in your web browser (authorized users only, of course). No need to speak with the forms designer! Modified forms drop into the approval workflow. Modifications now take minutes – not weeks – to complete.
  • Desktop FormsX+QuarkXPress Integration. Forms designers benefit from 15 years of development creating the highest productivity forms design environment on the planet. New forms creation now takes half the time. New or modified documents get uploaded directly to FormsX Server and enter the approval chain automatically.
  • Instant Content Based Searches. Can’t remember the name of the form you need? Simply type in a bit of text you know is on the document and the document will be displayed to you (even displaying the context of the search content).
  • Comprehensive Workflow. Set up ‘departments’ in seconds, each having their own approval chain for document modifications. Automatic email notifications instantly inform appropriate users of approval events, with comments, and provide a link to lead the recipient directly to the FormsX Server login page. Email reminders can be sent automatically when an approval lingers.
  • Automatic Revisioning. All previous versions of documents stored automatically and can be "rolled back to" instantly if desired. Full document history provided with one click.
  • Central Repository. Guaranteed to provide users most current version of document every time.
  • High Performance. FormsX Server supports thousands of users and many thousands of documents. Load balancing and system scalability allow for unlimited growth.
  • Integration. FormsX Server "plays nice with others" by supporting many web application interchage standards like XML, DOM, SOAP and LDAP.

CloudForm: Web Forms With Workflow Without Programming

CloudForm™ is an additional XTension for QuarkXPress that allows users to quickly and easily add dynamic forms controls to define form templates and workflows for use with FormsX Server to deliver effective forms management.

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