Legacy Software

Digicomp has a long history of providing proven and reliable high-productivity forms design, document security, proprietary file conversion and web forms solutions. Our family of software products are built on QuarkXPress XTensions technology and are available for QuarkXPress for both Mac and Windows platforms. Files are completely cross-platform as well. Our flagship product, FormsX, is used by everyone from one-person forms distributorships all the way up to the majority of the largest forms manufacturers in the world.


FormsX: The Standard for Forms Design

FormsX™ continues to impress forms design professionals with its ability to double and even triple designer productivity. Yes, you can design forms without FormsX but if we can at least double your productivity, why wouldn’t you seriously consider this software?

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F3X: F3 ProDesigner™ File Conversion for QuarkXPress

F3X™ provides total conversion of F3 ProDesigner Windows files. With F3X, you can completely salvage your investment of files in F3 format by converting them into Quark files and move forward with our FormsX forms design environment for QuarkXPress.

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eXodus: Amgraf Mecca™ File Conversion for QuarkXPress

eXodus™ provides total conversion of Amgraf’s Mecca III and/or Mecca 2000 proprietary files into industry standard
QuarkXPress files. Forms converted with eXodus and new jobs created with FormsX are QuarkXPress files, and are forever compatible and editable with QuarkXPress.

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