Production Automation

FormsX Server™ delivers powerful yet easy to use web-to-print automation to the forms manufacturer. Combining standard web technologies with QuarkXPress simplicity, FormsX Server provides an exhaustive workflow solution: browser based creation/editing/printing (with granular object access control), multi-level user access, approval chains, revision control, notification, group assignments, global find, variable barcodes, security document features, and much more, all from a standard web browser. Intended users include forms manufacturers looking to increase production efficiency, decrease costs, decrease job turn-around time, increase customer satisfaction, and reap the benefits of a more automated workflow.

  • Complete web application workflow solution
  • Flash based document editing in standard web browsers
  • Document security features (optional)
  • Sequential numbering (NumbersX™) integration
  • Dynamic data into fields, barcodes, images
  • Accurate web editing and soft proofing
  • Template based workflow
  • Desktop FormsX™ + QuarkXPress Integration
  • SQL database integration to pull data from
  • Full revision control
  • Sales rep commenting & approval system
  • Granular access control of document objects
  • Automatic email notifications with embedded links
  • XML, DOM, SOAP support
  • Leverages power of QuarkXPress Server®

FormsX Server Features

Supported Browsers
  • Windows Internet Explorer 7+
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari/Chrome (Webkit) based
  • JavaScript enabled
  • Flash plugin for document editing
User Access Control
  • Active Directory/LDAP integration
  • Multiple User Groups, e.g.:
    user, designer, manager, admin
Document Access Control
  • Group assignments
  • User specific/class assignments
  • Control of variable elements
Form Browsing
  • Variable listings per page
  • Live search by filename fragment
  • Live search by form text content
  • Customer specific listings
  • Independent Taglines (descriptions)
Revision Support
  • Automatic form revisions
  • Rollback capability
Numbering Support
  • Capture & produce sequential numbering: checks, barcodes, etc.
  • Full NumbersX integration
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Fully web based (inc. editing)
  • Multi-user approval chains
  • Full document commenting
  • Production Queues
  • Intermediate revisioning
  • "Proof" marking of customer PDFs
  • Extensive event logging
  • Automatic reporting
  • Web based admin panel
  • Global notifications
  • Database backup/export
Forms Logging
  • PDF, PS, QXP
  • Modification Info/History
  • Page navigation
  • Variable zoom
  • Integrated search w/highlighting
QuarkXPress Integration
  • Browser to QuarkXPress direct
  • Upload directly to server
  • Dynamic updating of department info, comments, taglines
  • Automatic invocation of approval chain

FormsX: The Standard for Forms Design

FormsX™ continues to impress forms design professionals with its ability to double and even triple designer productivity. Yes, you can design forms without FormsX but if we can at least double your productivity, why wouldn’t you seriously consider this software?

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NumbersX: Intellegent Numbering Solution for QuarkXPress

NumbersX™ delivers an easy-to-use sequential numbering solution for QuarkXPress. NumbersX directly drives output devices for on-demand production of checks, forms, tickets and other sequential documents. NumbersX utilizes Quark’s Placeholder technology to allow sequential numerical elements to flow embedded in text content, retain text attributes, and work with Quark’s Shared Content technology to replicate elements in multiple places on a document.

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