The Most Effective Copy-Void Document Protection

For nearly 20 years, SecureX™ has been the design tool of choice for security document manufacturers and distributors worldwide. Only SecureX delivers guaranteed compatibility with your prepress workflow along with amazing quality royalty-free technology on par with expensive patented technologies. SecureX provides unparalleled “void pantograph” document protection against copying. Compatible with Document Security Systems, Wicker, US Patent 5788285, Public Domain (“Big-Dot-Little-Dot”) and Digicomp Royalty Free technologies, SecureX hides words within flat screens, graduated screens or pantographs which boldly appear when photocopied or scanned (results dependent on void technology chosen).

What makes security document manufacturing different than other commercial print jobs lies in the fact that every security screen contains at least two different halftones (a halftone is represented by a screen lineage value, a screen angle, a dot shape, and a density value). Further, in a security screen area, these varying halftones overlap one another yet the desired outcome is to fool the human eye in order to make them appear to be consistent in the authentic document. In other words, at arms length, we want our “void” words to be fully concealed in a background pattern or screen. On the other hand, we desire to produce a product that will specifically not fool a copier, and in fact we desire to accentuate the difference in halftones in order to cause the previously hidden words to “pop” on the copied document. Stop wasting time and money with old methods and poor effectiveness and start succeeding on press and with your customers today with SecureX.

Features & Benefits

  • Create high margin checks, prescription pads, transcripts, tickets, etc.
  • Supports public domain “Big-Dot-Little-Dot” for royalty-free manufacture.
  • Digicomp Royalty Free™ technology, available to clients under a Digicomp Software Maintenance agreement.
  • Supports every major patented technology, including ODT, US Patent 5788285, Wicker, DSSI 4000, CopyBan, CopyBan+, CopyBan Capture, and others.
  • Mandatory for Direct-to-Plate workflows.
  • Guaranteed to be compatible with your prepress systems.
  • User friendly QuarkXPress architecture.
  • Easy calibration to your press for perfect results (eliminate ‘void’ popping).
  • Requires no special inks or other specialized hardware.
  • Exports into any DTP package via TIF/EPS/PDF export.
  • Custom ‘void’ words placement – any size, font, rotation.
  • Position voids easily with custom pointer tool.
  • Use with any image, background, blends, or screens.
  • Multi-color prismatic blends.
  • Multiple patterns/logos simultaneously.
  • Check21 compliant.
  • Support for Unicode text.
  • SecureX Server™ integration for dynamic data.
  • Available for Mac and Windows, QuarkXPress versions 8 and 9.